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Where to listen celtic punk in Geelong ?

Geelong is not an exceptions. People just love to listening live music. That is a really interesting statistics because since 2010 the overall number of celtic punk clubs in Geelong increased over 35 percent. This statistic has been made from 2008 after Guanaba Country Music Club has been established by Arielle Glass. This change is a result of cultural ant ethnic changes in Geelong across last decades. There is the calendar of the best events & live music show in the Geelong

Live performance calendar - clubs of Geelong

The Music ClubMusic Club TijuanaSoho Restaurant & Music Club
DiscoEvery second weekFridays nightN/A
ElectronicaLack of dataEvery first weekend of monthThursdays
R+BEvery weekendThursdaysEvery weekend
AlternativeN/AEveryday from June to AugustEveryday from June to August
SwingEvery second weekEvery second weekEvery weekend

One of the best music clubs in Geelong

In 2010 and 2011 there were over 80 clubs opened up in the city. That is very interesting for us because we were really excited to be able to expand this industry in Geelong." "So now we have to build it.

You know how to get people interested in music.You just need to put it together really well.

You just need to get the right bands, the right people in the right place. The best thing for us is that there is a really strong music industry in Geelong. The music was there for us, so it was really easy to grow the business from there. We are very fortunate.

I have to admit that, in 2011 with the growth of the celtic punk scene, we were able to do a lot of things. We had two live bands play in the city. It helped us to develop the business, to get more people to go out there and to come watch our shows, but I have always said that we want to build it to become something that will last a long time.

We want it to be here when there are bands in the city that we really want to work with and work with them, and we want that to have a positive impact." In 2011, Guanabara Bay hosted three live celtic punk shows, and in 2016 they performed on the Sunday of the Adelaide Festival of Dangerous Art, also at The Ritz. In 2017, The Ritz will hold two shows for the first time in Geelong, in May.

The Ritz's new booking is the third of its kind at The Ritz, but The Ritz and Gino's will continue to serve as a place to celebrate the celtic punk community in Geelong. The Ritz was founded as an underground venue in 1994 and has hosted some of the finest underground bands and bands to come out of Australia. 

The Ritz is Geelong's home for punk rock and beyond, a haven for all of your punk rock needs and a place to celebrate. We have two different stages, the main stage is for the bigger bands, the second stage is for the up and coming punk rock bands.

Rock and wine - two popular thinks in Geelong

Rock music is very popular in Australia because Australia is one of the world’s leading producers of wine making the country has its own wine called beer or pale ale. If people want to keep the good things of the music, the industry will continue to grow, it is an industry like no other so far. The Australian music industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, which earns nearly a billion dollars a year.

 Good wine and good music have very things in common like the name "wine" is for "good" or "wine" is to "good". The main difference between them is the purpose. You can have a great musical experience or you can have good musical experience. "Musical experience" is used when the music is good enough to make you forget anything else than your "Music Experience" itself.

You enjoy the music to the fullest. "Good wines" are used when you want to make a good memory. You want to savors the wine while at the same time enjoying everything else around you.

This is very similiar to the alcohol drinks like wine or beer.

You want to appreciate the drink and it's effects while you enjoy everything else. You want to savor it and to enjoy the "whole-experience". "Wine" is used to make a "Good Memory" and is a drink which help the body to relax while doing something else. You can be drinking wine at the same time doing anything else but you want to savor the wine and it's effects. You want to enjoy "The Whole-Experience". In short,

You want to relax and you want to enjoy and savor the experience - this is the essence of those two things.

You must also know, that Australia, being one of the leading beer and wine exporters of the world, it is a good alternative to other parts of the world and this is why it is home to some of the world’s most famous Australian stars, like Peter Allen, Kylie Minogue and AC/DC.

The first Australian rock band known as AC/DC was formed in the 1960s with Chris Slade, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Dave Evans, George Young as bassist, Mark Evans as guitarist and Bon Scott as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Scott and Mark were the first musicians to record lead vocals, and George and Dave took years to join the band. The band has released some of the most known songs like Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution, Dirty Deeds, You Shook Me All Night Long,

Lambys Tavern

Music club
66 Brougham St, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia

GPS : -38.1452633, 144.3613095

Users reviews of Lambys Tavern Geelong

UNO DanceClub

Music club
69 Yarra St, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia

GPS : -38.149462, 144.362955

Users reviews of UNO DanceClub Geelong

The Workers Club Geelong

Music club
90 Little Malop St, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia

GPS : -38.148147, 144.3593236

Users reviews of The Workers Club Geelong Geelong

Caravan Music Club

Music club
95-97 Drummond St, Oakleigh VIC 3166, Australia

GPS : -37.8968914, 145.0896576

Users reviews of Caravan Music Club Geelong

The Music Club

Music club
32 N W A, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh Extension, Club Road, Delhi, 110026, India

GPS : 28.6669101, 77.1178865

Users reviews of The Music Club Geelong

Soho Restaurant & Music Club

Music club
1221 State St #205, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States

GPS : 34.423621, -119.705492

Users reviews of Soho Restaurant & Music Club Geelong

Music Club CMDX

Music club
Calle Bolivar 86, Centro, 06080 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

GPS : 19.428717, -99.138972

Users reviews of Music Club CMDX Geelong

Bmc (Bibir Music Club) One Stop Entertainmant,denpasar Bali

Music club
no, Jl. Pura Demak No.4, Tegal Harum, Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80119, Indonesia

GPS : -8.6763334, 115.1926654

Users reviews of Bmc (Bibir Music Club) One Stop Entertainmant,denpasar Bali Geelong

Home House

Music club
40/42 Moorabool St, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia

GPS : -38.145707, 144.361081

Users reviews of Home House Geelong

Music Club Tijuana

Music club
3401-5, Condominio Gallegos Planta, Blvd. Agua Caliente, Chapultepec, Centro, 22420 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

GPS : 32.514171, -117.011028

Users reviews of Music Club Tijuana Geelong

Bush Music Club Inc.

Music club
142 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

GPS : -33.9021472, 151.1618474

Users reviews of Bush Music Club Inc. Geelong

Music Club Reforma

Music club
Avenida #600-D, Centro, Reforma 2da Secc, 78000 San Luis, S.L.P., Mexico

GPS : 22.15753, -100.977847

Users reviews of Music Club Reforma Geelong

The Music Club

Music club
Yaw Min Gyi St, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

GPS : 16.7829791, 96.1582687

Users reviews of The Music Club Geelong

Balcony Music Club

Music club
1331 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States

GPS : 29.9619871, -90.0581972

Users reviews of Balcony Music Club Geelong

Stowaway Live Music Club

Music club
32 Nile St, Port Adelaide SA 5015, Australia

GPS : -34.8439726, 138.5042864

Users reviews of Stowaway Live Music Club Geelong

Music Club Copilco

Music club
Avenida Universidad 2079, Copilco Universidad, Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

GPS : 19.3375166, -99.1850814

Users reviews of Music Club Copilco Geelong

Music Club Cuautitlán

Music club
Ex Hacienda de San Miguel, 54715 Cuautitlán Izcalli, Méx., Mexico

GPS : 19.688777, -99.21419

Users reviews of Music Club Cuautitlán Geelong

Music Club

Music club
Str. Baratiei, 31, Bucuresti-Sector 3, Bucuresti, 30195, București 030167, Romania

GPS : 44.4305554, 26.1047248

Users reviews of Music Club Geelong

Meenar Music Club

Music club
349 Hartz Ave, Danville, CA 94526, United States

GPS : 37.8219553, -122.0003985

Users reviews of Meenar Music Club Geelong

Guanaba Country Music Club

Music club
193 Rifle Range Rd, Pimpama QLD 4209, Australia

GPS : -27.829831, 153.2922261

Users reviews of Guanaba Country Music Club Geelong

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