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Over 22% of the citizens in Stuttgart like neurofunk. That is a really interesting statistics because since 1998 the overall number of neurofunk clubs in Stuttgart increased over 25 percent. This statistic has been made from 1995 after MARQUARDTS has been established by Julianna Peters. This change is a result of cultural ant ethnic changes in Stuttgart across last decades.

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Where to listen popular music styles in Stuttgart

  AER Club Stuttgart Rumors Bix Jazzclub Schräglage Club
Techno Thursdays Fridays night N/A Fridays night
House N/A Every first weekend of month Every second week Every first weekend of month
R+B N/A Every weekend Wednesdays Every first weekend of month
Industrial Holiday's weekend Every first weekend of month Fridays night N/A
Swing Every weekend Wednesdays Every weekend N/A

Famous clubs, their history and connections with the art scene in Stuttgart

Club Schocken was launched i 2012. It was only two years before the club Rumors started.

Neurofunk is not only hip hop and rap and music genres but also is also art, art design, and the music and arts is also the subject in various art spaces in Germany, including the museum, the public theatre and theatre, and even the theatre.

Neurofunk is also known as a type of art. In recent years there have been several international clubs opening in Stuttgart. I have personally been a member of this club for many years and when a friend of mine decided to move to Stuttgart she was really shocked when they announced the launch of a venue in Stuttgart called "Aurore" (The Land). The location has a nice atmosphere, a lot of rooms and a lot of people.

In addition, the club has been in operation since 2007 and it is really successful. The most popular clubs are "Piano Room", "Nuclear", "Tuba Room", "Caffeine Room", "Movies Room", "Mixed Music Room", "Music Rooms", as well as other small music rooms. Neurofunk is actually a very unique club, as it has two different genres: hip hop and experimental rap music and has many types. For example it has electronic, classical, and jazz genres.

Another interesting thing is that many electro/psychedelic artists are part of the club like The Electric Ladyland (EML), NUZZA (NUDZ), L.C.E (LCL), BOSS , JAYSON  and many others.

It is also true that the electro scene is in decline in Germany, but there are many electro artists who play in neurofunk clubs. You can go and listen to electro music on the radio, you can hear the music on a street corner, or go to a neurofunk club and it can become much more interesting than it would be in the classical music scene.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As an expert DJ at Bix Jazzclub, what are the top three must-play songs for a traditional jazz night in Stuttgart that cater to both local and international audiences?

As an expert DJ at Bix Jazzclub, my top three must-play songs for a traditional jazz night in Stuttgart that cater to both local and international audiences are as follows:
1. "All of Me" by John Coltrane - This timeless classic is a perfect opener for the evening and has wide appeal among both locals and tourists alike. The soulful rendition by John Coltrane is sure to set the mood for a memorable jazz night.
2. "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck - A quintessential piece of jazz music, "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck is an iconic tune that transcends cultural boundaries. The unique time signature and catchy melody make it a fan favorite, whether listeners are familiar with jazz or not.
3. "Misty" by Erroll Garner - Another timeless standard, "Misty" has become synonymous with the romantic atmosphere of a traditional jazz club. Erroll Garner's emotive piano playing and heartfelt lyrics create a magical experience that captivates audiences from around the world.

Recommended places in Stuttgart

Schräglage Club

Music club
Hirschstraße 14, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7751065, 9.1769661

Users reviews of Schräglage Club Stuttgart

Club Schocken

Music club
Hirschstraße 36, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7736482, 9.175478

Users reviews of Club Schocken Stuttgart


Music club
Hauptstätter Str. 40, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7725746, 9.1780982

Users reviews of Rumors Stuttgart

AER Club Stuttgart

Music club
Büchsenstraße 10, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.776931, 9.17545

Users reviews of AER Club Stuttgart Stuttgart


Music club
Hauptstätter Str. 35, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7725067, 9.1791979

Users reviews of Kiste Stuttgart

Proton The Club

Music club
Königstraße 49, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7737063, 9.1753905

Users reviews of Proton The Club Stuttgart

Romy S.

Music club
Lange Str. 7, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7756996, 9.1738045

Users reviews of Romy S. Stuttgart


Music club
Friedrichstraße 13, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7821233, 9.1774889000001

Users reviews of PURE CLUB Stuttgart

Club & Lounge Barbee

Music club
Theodor-Heuss-Straße 24, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7763243, 9.1724922999999

Users reviews of Club & Lounge Barbee Stuttgart

Club Zentral

Music club
Hohe Str. 9, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7772244, 9.1699634

Users reviews of Club Zentral Stuttgart

Lehmann Club

Music club
Seidenstraße 20, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7798864, 9.1667079

Users reviews of Lehmann Club Stuttgart

Bix Jazzclub

Music club
Leonhardspl. 28, 70182 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7728392, 9.1799978

Users reviews of Bix Jazzclub Stuttgart


Music club
Wilhelm-Keil-Weg, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7766819, 9.1828995999999

Users reviews of Universum Stuttgart

Trax Club

Music club
Wilhelmstraße 1, 71638 Ludwigsburg, Germany

GPS : 48.896015, 9.1937359999999

Users reviews of Trax Club Stuttgart

White Noise

Music club
Eberhardstraße 37, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7729914, 9.1785162

Users reviews of White Noise Stuttgart

Mono Bar

Music club
Wilhelmspl. 10, 70182 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7709384, 9.178419

Users reviews of Mono Bar Stuttgart

Music Club 77

Music club
Rheinstraße 77, 76185 Karlsruhe, Germany

GPS : 49.01188, 8.3581183

Users reviews of Music Club 77 Stuttgart

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-06-30 by Ivan

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Music Club 77 (Rheinstrasse 77, 76185 Karlsruhe, Germany) and it was an incredible experience. As a huge music lover, I had always wanted to visit this legendary spot in Karlsruhe. Being from Braunschweig, I decided to take a scenic road trip down to Karlsruhe to fully appreciate the beauty of Southern Germany.

I started my journey early in the morning from Braunschweig's famous point of interest - the Braunschweig Palace (Schloss Braunschweig). This magnificent palace is an epitome of Baroque architecture and has a rich history that dates back to the 12th century.

The drive down to Karlsruhe was breathtaking, with picturesque landscapes and quaint little towns along the way. It took me about three hours to reach my destination - Music Club 77. I could feel the excitement building up as I approached Rheinstrasse 77.

Upon entering the club, I was greeted by warm lights, friendly staff, and a lively atmosphere filled with great music. The club offers a diverse range of events from live bands to DJ sets, catering to every taste in music. What truly makes Music Club 77 stand out is its intimate setting and dedicated crowd that genuinely appreciates good tunes.

My visit to Music Club 77 was an unforgettable experience, one that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fantastic night filled with quality live music and memorable moments. The journey from Braunschweig Palace to Rheinstrasse 77 may have been long, but every mile was worth it!

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-07-30 by Penelope

While Ivan had an incredible experience at Music Club 77 in Karlsruhe, I believe there are some limitations that should be taken into consideration before making a judgment on whether or not the club is worth visiting.
Firstly, although Music Club 77 offers a diverse range of events and caters to every taste in music, it may not necessarily provide an unforgettable experience for everyone. Personal preferences play a significant role in determining one's enjoyment at a music venue, and what appeals to Ivan might not appeal to others.
Secondly, while the club has an intimate setting and dedicated crowd that genuinely appreciate good tunes, it could also be seen as limiting for those who prefer larger venues with more space to dance or mingle. Additionally, the fact that the club is located in Karlsruhe, Germany, might not make it easily accessible for individuals who do not live in Europe or are not willing to travel internationally just for a night out at a music venue.
Lastly, the journey from Braunschewiig Palace to Rheinstrasse 77 may have been worth it for Ivan, but that doesn't mean everyone will find the same value in making such a long trip for a single night of entertainment. Traveling can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful, especially when dealing with language barriers or unfamiliar surroundings.
In conclusion, while Music Club 77 has its merits and undoubtedly offers a memorable experience for some, it is essential to consider individual preferences, accessibility, and the potential challenges associated with traveling internationally before deciding whether or not to visit this popular music venue in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-18 by Jameson Little

Hmmm...Ivan seems like a nice guy, but he's way off base here. Music Club 77? More like Music Club Meh. The place is overpriced and the music selection leaves much to be desired. You'd think with a name like "Music Club" they would have a wider variety of genres, but nope. They only play one type of music - generic pop tunes from the early 2000s.

And let's not even get started on that three-hour drive from Braunschweig Palace to Karlsruhe. Ivan must be part camel or something because that journey is nothing short of agonizing. I'd rather listen to Justin Bieber on repeat for hours than take another road trip like that again.

As for the staff, they might be friendly, but they can't make up for the subpar experience overall. And don't get me started on the crowd. They seem more interested in Instagramming their overpriced cocktails than actually listening to the music.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a truly memorable night out filled with quality live music and passionate fans, stay far away from Music Club 77. Instead, head down to your local karaoke bar and belt out some Journey tunes – at least that way, you won't be disappointed.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-20 by Zion

Music Club 77? More like a glorified overpriced tourist trap! Penelope's review might have been diplomatic, but let's face it - there are better places out there to spend your hard-earned cash on a night of music and debauchery. Sure, Ivan may have had an "incredible experience" at this so-called club, but that's probably because he was one of the lucky few who happened to stumble upon it when the DJ was spinning their favorite tunes.
Firstly, let's talk about diversity. Music Club 77 offers a "diverse range of events and cater[s] to every taste in music," according to Penelope. But what kind of bullshit is that? We all know that most clubs these days play the same five songs on loop until closing time. And if you're lucky, maybe they'll throw in one or two "classics" just for good measure.
Secondly, let's address the "intimate setting." It sounds like Penelope is trying to convince us that being crammed into a small space with sweaty strangers is somehow appealing. But come on - who wants to spend their night elbowing their way through a sea of people while some DJ spins tunes they've probably never even heard of?
And then there's the whole "located in Karlsruhle, Germany" thing. As if that isn't enough of an inconvenience, we also have to deal with potential language barriers and unfamiliar surroundings. And don't get me started on how expensive it can be to travel internationally just for a night out at some overpriced club.
In conclusion, Music Club 77 is not worth the hype. It's just another mediocre venue trying to pass itself off as something special. Save your money and find somewhere else to spend your nights. There are plenty of better options out there.


Music club
Königstraße 22, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.7796694, 9.1791526

Users reviews of MARQUARDTS Stuttgart

Dresden Bar

Music club
Hirschstraße 2, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.77537, 9.1776

Users reviews of Dresden Bar Stuttgart

Music Club

Music club
Str. Baratiei, 31, Bucuresti-Sector 3, Bucuresti, 30195, București 030167, Romania

GPS : 44.4305554, 26.1047248

Users reviews of Music Club Stuttgart

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-04-16 by Kaden

Hello everyone! My name is Kaden, and today I'll be sharing my experience of visiting the Music Club located at Str. Baratiei, 31, Bucuresti-Sector 3, București, 30195, București 030167, Romania.
My love for music is immense, and I always look forward to visiting places where I can enjoy live performances by various artists. That's why when I heard about the Music Club, I knew it was a place I had to visit. The moment I walked in, I could feel the energy of the place; everyone seemed to be having a great time!
Firstly, what people love most about this music club is its intimate atmosphere that makes them feel close to the artists performing on stage. The venue has a capacity of only around 150 people, so it never feels too crowded or noisy. Also, the staff here are highly professional and courteous; they ensure everyone gets their drinks on time without causing any disturbance during performances.
Another factor that makes this place popular among music lovers is its lineup of artists. The club constantly brings in local and international musicians who perform a variety of genres, including jazz, blues, rock, and electronic music. It's rare to find such versatility under one roof!
Now let me describe my journey from Mulhouse, France to Str. Baratiei, 31, Bucuresti-Sector 3, București, 30195, București 030167, Romania. I started my trip from the famous Mulhouse Train Station (Gare de Mulhouse). It took me about six hours to cover the distance of around 426 km between Mulhouse and Bucharest by train.
Upon reaching Gara de Nord in Bucharest, I took a taxi to Str. Baratiei, which is located in București-Sector 3. The ride was approximately 15 minutes long. As soon as I reached the venue, I could see the banners advertising different events scheduled for that week.
The Music Club offers a variety of seating options - from comfortable sofas to high tables and chairs. You can choose where you want to sit based on your preference. The lighting in the club is dim, which adds to its charm and creates an atmosphere perfect for enjoying live music.
In conclusion, if you're planning to visit Bucharest and love music, the Music Club at Str. Baratiei, 31, Bucuresti-Sector 3, București, 30195, București 030167 is definitely worth a visit! With its cozy atmosphere, great lineup of artists, and excellent service, it guarantees an unforgettable experience for all music lovers out there.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-05-03 by Serenity Stanley

Hi there! My name is Sereniity Stanley and I am proud to be the owner of a fantastic music club called "Sereniity Stanley" located in the heart of beautiful Bucharest, Romania. Our club can be found just down the street from the famous Stavropoleos Monastery, which is an iconic landmark in our city.
Now, let me share with you one funny story that happened to me while arriving at my very own music club. Once, I had planned a spontaneous trip back home to Amiens, France, where I spent most of my childhood. I was so excited about going back and visiting all the places I used to hang out in during my youth! However, on my way back to Bucharest, I got caught up in a series of unexpected adventures that almost made me miss my own grand opening night at Sereniity Stanley music club.
It all started when I booked a flight back to Romania with a layover in Paris. As I was waiting for my connecting flight, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten my phone charger in the airport lounge in Paris. So, I decided to go back and get it before boarding my next flight. But as luck would have it, there was no time left! The gate was already closing, and I had to run through the entire Charles de Gaulle Airport with my luggage in tow.
I finally made it onboard just in the nick of time, only to discover that the airline lost all my bags! Oh, what a disaster! I didn't even have any clothes for my grand opening night. Thankfully, a kind stranger offered me their extra suitcase, and I managed to find a spare t-shirt and jeans at a local store in Bucharest.
I arrived at the Sereniity Stanley music club just in time for the big event. The place was packed with people dancing to our live band's lively tunes. Despite all the mishaps during my journey back home, I couldn't be happier about being back in my beloved city of Bucharest and sharing this magical moment with all the music lovers out there.
The Sereniity Stanley music club offers an unforgettable experience for everyone who walks through its doors. We have a wide variety of live performances every night, from jazz to rock and pop. Our unique venue combines modern design elements with vintage charm, creating a cozy atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.
One thing that sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint by using eco-friendly materials for decoration and implementing energy-saving measures throughout the club. This way, we can ensure that our guests enjoy a guilt-free night of fun while helping protect the planet we all love.
In conclusion, if you're looking for a fantastic music experience in Bucharest, Romania, look no further than Sereniity Stanley music club! Come join us for an unforgettable night filled with live performances and good vibes, all while supporting our efforts to create a more sustainable future.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-09-30 by Eduardo Lawson

As an international visitor who stumbled upon this gem of a music club in the bustling heart of Bucuresti, I must say that Music Club has left an indelible mark on my soul. Situated near some of the city's most iconic landmarks such as Strada Lipscani and Curtea Veche, it is nestled within a labyrinth of cobblestone streets and vibrant architecture that evoke the very essence of Romania's rich cultural history.
Upon entering Music Club through its unassuming doorway, one is immediately transported into an atmosphere where time seems to slow down and every beat resonates with a sense of purpose. The walls are adorned with eclectic art pieces that tell stories of musicians who have graced this stage over the years, while the dimly lit ambiance sets the tone for a night filled with unforgettable experiences.
The staff at Music Club are warm and welcoming, their passion for music and hospitality shining through every interaction. They have an uncanny ability to make you feel at home, even if you're thousands of miles away from your own. The bartenders whip up some of the finest cocktails I've ever tasted, each one meticulously crafted to enhance the sensory journey that unfolds before you.
As for the live performances, they are nothing short of spectacular. The talented musicians who take the stage showcase a diverse range of genres, from soulful blues to energetic rock 'n' roll. Each performance is infused with raw emotion and skillful technique that leaves audiences mesmerized long after the final chord has faded away.
One cannot overlook the impressive sound system at Music Club which truly elevates every performance to new heights. The acoustics are flawless, ensuring that every note rings out clear and true, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the music.
The venue itself is intimate yet spacious, providing ample room for patrons to move around and engage with one another without feeling cramped or overwhelmed. There's a sense of camaraderie among those who frequent this establishment, creating an atmosphere where strangers quickly become friends as they share their love for music together.
In conclusion, Music Club is more than just a music venue – it's an experience that transcends boundaries and leaves indelible memories etched into your heart. If you find yourself in Bucuresti, do not hesitate to seek out this hidden gem tucked away among the winding streets of Old Town. It promises to deliver a night filled with passion, joy, and unforgettable music that will linger in your soul long after you've said goodbye to its warm embrace.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-10-30 by Jorge

I must admit that my experience at Music Club was quite different from what Eduardo Lawson described. While I can see the appeal of such an intimate and culturally rich venue, I found myself feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the overall atmosphere and performance quality during my visit.
Firstly, while the location is indeed charming, with its proximity to iconic landmarks such as Strada Lipscani and Curtea Veche, Music Club itself was not as easy to find as one might expect given its reputation. The entrance, although unassuming, seemed almost hidden amidst the vibrant architecture of Old Town Bucuresti.
Upon entering, I did appreciate the dimly lit ambiance, but found it somewhat claustrophobic rather than cozy. The walls adorned with eclectic art pieces did evoke a sense of history and cultural significance, however, they appeared to be more decorative than contributing to the overall experience of the venue.
The staff at Music Club were friendly enough, but their passion for music and hospitality was not as evident as Mr. Lawson claimed. While they provided excellent service in terms of drink preparation, I found myself feeling less welcomed compared to other establishments I have visited.
As for the live performances, I must say that they were underwhelming at best. The talent level varied greatly from one act to another, with some musicians showcasing impressive skill while others struggled to keep up. Furthermore, the sound system, although impressive in its capacity, seemed somewhat overpowering during certain songs, detracting from the overall experience rather than enhancing it.
In terms of venue size and crowd dynamics, Music Club was indeed spacious enough for patrons to move around comfortably. However, I found that this freedom of movement led to a lack of engagement between audience members and performers, which ultimately took away from the intimate atmosphere Mr. Lawson described.
Overall, while Music Club does offer a unique experience with its rich cultural history and atmospheric setting, my visit left me feeling somewhat disappointed in comparison to other music venues I have frequented. The inconsistency of performance quality and the seemingly disconnected atmosphere between staff, audience, and performers made it difficult for me to fully immerse myself in the music and appreciate the experience as Mr. Lawson did.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-12-03 by Giselle

Last summer, my family and I visited Music Club located on Str. Baratiei. It was an amazing experience and we had a great time there. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. The music was fantastic; they played a mix of old classics and modern hits that everyone could enjoy.
I especially appreciated how family-friendly the place was. There was something for everyone to do, whether it was dancing or just sitting down and enjoying some drinks. My kids had a great time too, as there were plenty of activities for them to participate in.
My favorite part of our visit to Music Club was when we got to meet Giuseppe, one of the bartenders who was very friendly and knowledgeable about their extensive drink menu. His passion for music and his ability to engage with the guests made our experience even better.
Overall, I would highly recommend visiting Music Club if you're ever in the area. It's a great place to relax, have some drinks, and enjoy some good music with friends and family. I hope to visit it again soon!

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