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Nice is not an exceptions. People just love to listening live music. That is a really interesting statistics because since 2019 the overall number of hardcore punk clubs in Nice increased over 21 percent. This statistic has been made from 2014 after Dejavu music club Prague has been established by Ayla Sharpe. Such studies show interesting correlations between the preference of the music and the religion in the Nice. There is the calendar of the best events & live music show in the Nice

Where to listen popular music styles in Nice

Tapas WILD CLUBLe feelingL'EtoileMusic Club
SwingEvery second weekWednesdaysEveryday from June to AugustLack of data
Soul/funkEvery first weekend of monthEvery weekendEvery weekendWeekly
ReggaeThursdaysEvery first weekend of monthEvery weekendLack of data
HouseHoliday's weekendN/ALack of dataWeekly
LatinFridays nightEvery first weekend of monthWeeklyEvery weekend

Our opinion about Techno Club, Nice

This techno club in Nice that we have visited a few weeks ago delighted us with the unique atmosphere and techno-fans who danced along at the very same pace as the music. And all this during a beautiful sunny afternoon.

The music was awesome and the vibe also gucci with the one exception to the club security crew.

In Techno clubs people use different kind of "staff" and it is often that someone can overdose alcohol or another drugs. Crew should help but sometimes they have too much interest in the patrons inside the club. A club like this is for people that enjoy music all night.

Because such people are not dancing - they are listening music carefully or talk to each other. When they talk to you you can learn new stuff from them.

While they stand and talk sometime they can collapse because it just happens Security should be alert to such cases and react. We witnesses the situation when a guy collapsed and security didn't react properly. Fortunatelly other clubber helped. It seems the security never had training to deal with this situation properly and they were not good at it.

We also witness some other more serious cases with no help from police and security. Last day I witnessed several cases. A guy collapsed and the medics took him away, there were no security at the spot, and they didn't react and they didn't help even when we called out.

A guy was stabbed or something and a security guy was trying to help him but he was drunk and he punched security guy when he saw him as an enemy. When they try to take action and the security is good enough to take action you don't need them there for it, but you need the security there to make sure those people that need proper action wont get it. It's not like a clubber is going to attack an emergency service that's on the floor to help to prevent a heart attack or a stabbing that would happen if this is happening now.

I witnessed one of such cases, it was two cops who were stabbed by another guy while they tried to help him and security didn't react. There was also the case where guys went to a private place where drinks are expensive and a cop and a private person were working

Despite the above I would recommend this club for sure.

They have a lot of events that change weekly. Some are only one night, Saturday is the biggest with three rooms, Saturday in the afternoon has the least. You must see the club if only for the decor: massive pillars, lots of different colors/lightings/wallpapers and you definitely need to see their amazing DJs when they are playing a lot of new genres. You are probably going to end up going to this club at some point in your life.

Here is how we spent our time in the last few days: Friday We left our hotel at 3.30 a.m. sharp on Friday night and drove directly to the Port of Nice so we could enjoy the first sunshine of the summer. We caught a train from the station across the river to the airport. We picked up our own car at a nearby underground garage and took the freeway to the west.

We drove through the old old towns of Nîmes and Uzès to get to the N13 (aka the Route du Soleil) for an afternoon ride. The road climbs from sea level to more than 1600 meters and we have gone a couple hundred meters since we started climbing. It was not exactly a thrilling ride.

We also had a view of an enormous power station, which is probably why we stopped for a snack and gas. It was then that we met a friendly French couple with 2 beautiful French bulldogs that walked right up to us and begged for a treat.

Nice, located in the south of France, is known for its stunning beaches, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant nightlife. The city is bustling with numerous bars, pubs, and clubs, which are popular among tourists and locals alike. The party scene in Nice is vibrant and diverse, with clubs catering to different tastes and preferences.

Le Glam is a popular nightspot in Nice that offers a mix of music genres, ranging from hip-hop and R&B to electronic and house. The club has an impressive lineup of resident DJs, and international artists are often invited to perform here. The venue features two dance floors, a lounge area, and an open-air terrace with stunning views of the sea.

For those who prefer a more upscale party atmosphere, Le Château is the place to be. The club is located in a 19th-century villa and has a sophisticated ambiance with luxurious decor and elegant lighting. Le Château boasts a vast dance floor, a rooftop terrace, and private VIP rooms that offer an exclusive experience.

One of the oldest and most famous clubs in Nice is Le High Club. The venue has been entertaining party-goers for over two decades and has an impressive sound system that guarantees a unique musical experience. Le High Club is renowned for hosting world-class DJs and has a dedicated following of electronic music fans.

If you're looking for a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, then Shapko Jazz Bar is the perfect spot for you. Shapko is a popular haunt for jazz enthusiasts and has a cozy interior with dim lighting, wooden furnishings, and live music performances throughout the week. The bar has an extensive selection of wines and cocktails that complement the music.

For those who enjoy a bit of variety, Wayne's is a club that offers a mix of music genres and theme nights. From karaoke and salsa to retro and electronic music, Wayne's has something for everyone. The club also has a comfortable seating area and a bar that serves an array of drinks and snacks.

In conclusion, Nice is a vibrant and diverse city that caters to all kinds of party-goers. Whether you're into electronic music or live jazz performances, the clubs in Nice can provide you with an unforgettable night out. From sophisticated venues to laid-back bars, the city has an impressive range of nightspots that are guaranteed to keep you entertained until the early hours of the morning.

Techno Club Nice Review: A Haven for Electronic Music Lovers

If you're a music enthusiast looking for a place to dance the night away, then the Techno Club Nice is the perfect spot for you. This popular club in the heart of Nice, France, has been attracting crowds of locals and tourists alike for years with its exceptional electronic music and vibrant atmosphere. From its modern decor and state-of-the-art sound system to its impressive list of DJs and performers, the Techno Club Nice is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves house and techno music.

Location and Ambiance

The Techno Club Nice is situated at 39 Rue de l'Abbaye, right in the heart of the city. Upon entering the club, visitors are welcomed by a modern and minimalistic decor, featuring neon lights and raw concrete walls. The club's design gives off a futuristic vibe that helps to create a unique and immersive music experience.

The club boasts a spacious main room with high ceilings, providing plenty of room to move and dance. A large stage displaying a spectacular light show stands at the front of the room, and the state-of-the-art sound system fills the space with crystal-clear and high-quality sound. The Techno Club Nice also boasts a smaller room for more intimate sets, showcasing local DJs and experimental electronic music.

Music and Performances

Techno Club Nice is primarily known for its excellent house and techno music that it hosts, with some of the best-known performers in the industry gracing the stage here. The club hosts guest DJs from all over the world, bringing a global experience that most clubs can only dream of. The music genres vary, with particular nights dedicated to tech-house, acid techno or other similar styles.

The resident DJs at the club are highly capable of providing a lively experience to get the crowd moving. The club has an ever-changing lineup of talented performers who are on stage every week, offering different styles and sounds that amaze and delight the crowd.

Bar and Services

The club has a well-stocked bar providing a wide range of drinks at affordable rates. Visitors can enjoy premium cocktails, bottles of champagne or try out the uniquely crafted shots on offer. A particular favorite of the visitors is the club's techno-themed shots, which come in different variations, giving the crowd an experience to remember.

The Techno Club Nice has an excellent service, with professional and experienced staff who cater to your every need. The security is top-notch, ensuring that the visitors stay safe and comfortable throughout the night.


If electronic music is your passion, then the Techno Club Nice is the perfect place for you. The club provides an immersive experience with its high-quality sound system and exceptional performances. The club's staff ensures that visitors have an enjoyable time while staying safe and comfortable. It’s no wonder the Techno Club Nice is a hotspot for electronic music enthusiasts, making it not only a must-visit for visitors to France but also a local favorite.

Nightclubbing in Nice, France: Where to Find the Best

With its vibrant nightlife scene and scenic coastal views, Nice, France is the perfect destination for party lovers. From high-end clubs to underground spots, the city offers a variety of options to satisfy everyone's party cravings. In this article, we will explore some of the best nightclubs in Nice where you can dance the night away.

1. High Club

Located on Rue du Congres, High Club is one of the most popular nightclubs in Nice. With its contemporary and stylish decor, the club has a luxurious feel to it. High Club regularly hosts international DJs and has a great sound system that will keep you dancing all night long. It's the perfect spot for those looking for a glamorous night out.

2. Le Glam

If you're looking for an LGBT-friendly nightclub, Le Glam is the place to be. This club, located on Rue Eugène Emmanuel, has a vibrant atmosphere and attracts a diverse crowd. Le Glam hosts themed parties and drag shows regularly, making it a lively and entertaining spot to party.

3. La Petite Maison

For those looking for a more intimate and refined experience, La Petite Maison is a must-visit. This elegant club, located on Rue Saint-Francois de Paule, has a chic decor and a relaxed atmosphere. With a focus on music and food, La Petite Maison is the perfect spot for those who want to dance, eat, and drink in style.

4. Le Ghost

If you're looking for an underground nightclub experience, head to Le Ghost. This small and intimate club, located on Rue Smolett, hosts local bands and DJs, giving visitors a taste of Nice's alternative music scene. The club has a grungy and unpolished vibe, making it ideal for those looking for a raw and authentic party experience.

5. Sparks Club

Located on Rue Gubernatis, Sparks Club is an iconic nightclub in Nice. Known for its electronic music scene, Sparks Club has been around for over a decade and has welcomed some of the most prominent DJs in the world. With a spacious dance floor and a top-of-the-line sound system, Sparks Club guarantees a night of non-stop dancing and fun.

In conclusion, whether you're looking for a high-end nightclub or an underground party spot, Nice has it all. From luxury clubs to intimate venues, the city offers something for everyone. So grab your dancing shoes and head out to one of these top nightclubs in Nice for a night of fun and entertainment.

Le feeling

Music club
14 Rue Pertinax, 06000 Nice, France

GPS : 43.70588, 7.2683999999999

Users reviews of Le feeling Nice


Music club
24 Avenue du Marechal Foch, 06000 Nice, France

GPS : 43.7036764, 7.2697003000001

Users reviews of BSpot Nice


Music club
8 Rue Sacha Guitry, 06000 Nice, France

GPS : 43.6988953, 7.270204

Users reviews of KOSMA PIANO-BAR Nice


Music club
2 Rue de l'Abbaye, 06300 Nice, France

GPS : 43.6970088, 7.2745312

Users reviews of Tapas WILD CLUB Nice

Shapko Bar

Music club
5 Rue Rossetti, 06300 Nice, France

GPS : 43.6971803, 7.2769264999999

Users reviews of Shapko Bar Nice

High Club

Music club
45-47 Prom. des Anglais, 06000 Nice, France

GPS : 43.6939495, 7.2559407

Users reviews of High Club Nice

Papillon Strip club

Music club
10 Rue Jules Gilly, 06300 Nice, France

GPS : 43.6959102, 7.2773635

Users reviews of Papillon Strip club Nice

Club 54

Music club
54 Rue des Ponchettes, 06300 Nice, France

GPS : 43.6950845, 7.2765844

Users reviews of Club 54 Nice

Music Club

Music club
Str. Baratiei, 31, Bucuresti-Sector 3, Bucuresti, 30195, București 030167, Romania

GPS : 44.4305554, 26.1047248

Users reviews of Music Club Nice

Siesta Club

Music club
Route du Bord de Mer, 06600 Antibes, France

GPS : 43.609545, 7.126685

Users reviews of Siesta Club Nice

Kiss Club

Music club
5 Avenue Georges Gallice, 06160 Antibes, France

GPS : 43.5679445, 7.1132939

Users reviews of Kiss Club Nice

Les 3 Diables

Music club
2 Cours Saleya, 06300 Nice, France

GPS : 43.6953379, 7.2764073

Users reviews of Les 3 Diables Nice

Gotha Club

Music club
Place Franklin Roosevelt, 06400 Cannes, France

GPS : 43.5363665, 7.0373896

Users reviews of Gotha Club Nice


Music club
8 Passage Emile Négrin, 06000 Nice, France

GPS : 43.6983735, 7.2686374

Users reviews of L'Etoile Nice

Le Six

Music club
6 Rue Raoul Bosio, 06300 Nice, France

GPS : 43.6960681, 7.2730056

Users reviews of Le Six Nice

Majestic Music Club

Music club
Karpatská 3089/2, 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia

GPS : 48.156879, 17.113589

Users reviews of Majestic Music Club Nice

Dejavu music club Prague

Music club
Jakubská 648/6, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czechia

GPS : 50.088147, 14.425314

Users reviews of Dejavu music club Prague Nice

Monkeys Music Club

Music club
Barnerstraße 16, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

GPS : 53.5576099, 9.9309205

Users reviews of Monkeys Music Club Nice

The Legends Music Club

Music club
plac Szczepański 3, 31-010 Kraków, Poland

GPS : 50.063485, 19.9347193

Users reviews of The Legends Music Club Nice

le 7 club cabaret

Music club
7 Rue Rouguière, 06400 Cannes, France

GPS : 43.5525489, 7.0156774

Users reviews of le 7 club cabaret Nice

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