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Over 22% of the citizens in Bremen like uk hardcore. That is a really interesting statistics because since 2002 the overall number of uk hardcore clubs in Bremen increased over 30 percent. This statistic has been made from 1997 after The Legends Music Club has been established by Maria Grant. Such studies show interesting correlations between the preference of the music and the age of the citizens in the Bremen. There is the calendar of the best events & live music show in the Bremen

Popular clubs in Bremen by music genre

ElectronicaR+BLatinClassic Metal
AvenueEvery second weekN/AEveryday from June to AugustHoliday's weekend
Monkeys Music ClubHoliday's weekendEvery first weekend of monthEvery weekendN/A
La VIVAN/AWednesdaysHoliday's weekendN/A
ShagallEvery second weekThursdaysWeeklyEvery weekend
Gleis 9Holiday's weekendThursdaysEveryday from June to AugustEvery second week

Legendary techno club operating in Bremen for 25 years.

This is why Bremen has become one of the biggest in Germany after Bremen! It is very important to remember that this is the average.

There are different styles of techno, punk, hardcore and death metal. It is also important to point out that this is not a total number so a lot of these bands don't like to be labelled as part of a single group.

If your looking at the number alone you are not being honest because the numbers do change from person to person as you gain a new level. It's always worth taking some time to understand this and the difference between genres or sub genres.

You must be wary of the numbers you read for sure, but you must realize that the truth is there and if you do the proper research you will find the real truth.

The truth is a lot of bands that do not play live in Germany are also not as important in Germany as they are abroad.


Music club
Hillmannstraße 2-4, 28195 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0814276, 8.8096995

Users reviews of Avenue Bremen

NFF Club

Music club
Katharinenstraße 12-14, 28195 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0774213, 8.8091228000001

Users reviews of NFF Club Bremen

Industrie-Club Bremen e. V.

Music club
Am Markt 1, 28195 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0762319, 8.806601

Users reviews of Industrie-Club Bremen e. V. Bremen

Gleis 9

Music club
Bürgermeister-Smidt-Straße 15, 28195 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0838241, 8.8089648

Users reviews of Gleis 9 Bremen

TOWER Musikclub

Music club
Herdentorsteinweg 7, 28195 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0802393, 8.8122663

Users reviews of TOWER Musikclub Bremen


Music club
Neustadtswall 28, 28199 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0720413, 8.7943499

Users reviews of Modernes Bremen


Music club
Auf der Brake 7-21, 28195 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0801444, 8.8135821999999

Users reviews of La VIVA Bremen


Music club
Rembertiring 4, 28195 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0806517, 8.8138056

Users reviews of Shagall Bremen

Niveau Club/Disco

Music club
Rembertiring 19, 28195 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.07929, 8.81525

Users reviews of Niveau Club/Disco Bremen

The Star

Music club
An der Weide 27, 28195 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0807418, 8.8167888

Users reviews of The Star Bremen

QUEENS + TOM´s Welt - Bar, Nightclub, Tabledance

Music club
Außer der Schleifmühle 10, 28203 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0802054, 8.8206421

Users reviews of QUEENS + TOM´s Welt - Bar, Nightclub, Tabledance Bremen

Soho Club

Music club
5, Speicher 1, Konsul-Smidt-Straße 8D, 28217 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0885306, 8.7795005

Users reviews of Soho Club Bremen

Aladin Music Hall

Music club
Hannoversche Str. 11, 28309 Bremen, Germany

GPS : 53.0558941, 8.8852925

Users reviews of Aladin Music Hall Bremen

Monkeys Music Club

Music club
Barnerstraße 16, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

GPS : 53.5576099, 9.9309205

Users reviews of Monkeys Music Club Bremen

Dejavu music club Prague

Music club
Jakubská 648/6, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czechia

GPS : 50.088147, 14.425314

Users reviews of Dejavu music club Prague Bremen

Mundo 71 Music Club

Music club
pasaż Niepolda, 52-007 Wrocław, Poland

GPS : 51.1098877, 17.0253904

Users reviews of Mundo 71 Music Club Bremen

Majestic Music Club

Music club
Karpatská 3089/2, 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia

GPS : 48.156879, 17.113589

Users reviews of Majestic Music Club Bremen

The Legends Music Club

Music club
plac Szczepański 3, 31-010 Kraków, Poland

GPS : 50.063485, 19.9347193

Users reviews of The Legends Music Club Bremen

Music Club

Music club
Str. Baratiei, 31, Bucuresti-Sector 3, Bucuresti, 30195, București 030167, Romania

GPS : 44.4305554, 26.1047248

Users reviews of Music Club Bremen

Rhinestone Country Music Club

Music club
Wren Rovers Football Club, School Road, Blackpool FY4 5DS, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.77803, -3.016734

Users reviews of Rhinestone Country Music Club Bremen

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