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All people around the world love listening to music. As alternative you can pick Stayner's Wharf Pub & Grill established in 2005 by Beau Guerra. Almost everybody in Halifax Canada knows Brian who was giving best performances in Stayner's Wharf Pub & Grill. All this history starts in 2005 when a few students met in Bâton Rouge and started new math rock band. They both comes from 'good houses' and it was very controversial to play math rock which wasn't very know those times. Like in many stories like this they started in garage of the Brian's house. After rehearsal they eat in Taco Del Mar or Bâton Rouge because Beau Guerra knows the restarurant owner.

This club is open  since 2005 and now the group is on the big stage. Brian lives in Nova Scotia and is from Halifax, Canada. You can go with a show in Nova Scotia at Stayner's Wharf pub & grill.


The performance that gave kick to the Beau carrier

After Brian's performance Beau started to play with some different bands. So now Beau is a one of Halifax's best live bands playing heavy metal. Beau is a big name in local metal bands like The Bloodhound Gang, The Death Angel,

The Last Days, Deadbeats, and much more. Brian is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Heavymetal Nova Scotia: "I'm the only guy I know who has played heavy metal with any regularity." Stayner's Wharf is located near Halifax City Hall and at 1120 St. Thomas St. (at the intersection of St. Johns Road) in Halifax.

Stayner's Wharf pub and grill has been around for many years with a reputation for its good service and friendly atmosphere. With all the metal rock shows and shows all year long you don't want to miss!

There is a large parking lot which is easily accessible from nearby streets. We have a good selection of beer with a wide selection of food available to bring your own. We don't mind having people bring their own food as long as they're eating healthy.

I am a former student of Brian at the local school where we both went to. Since returning home, I have met more bands and friends.

Brian has been great friends with many of them and I have been learning more about metal. I love all metal and always want more from Brian. If you come with a band that I love, we can play. Please call and ask us to play.

We always have a good time and you can always expect a great show. Brian's Pub & Grill was my first metal concert in Nova Scotia and I'm so glad I went. I enjoyed being able to try some new bands, meet new people, make new friends and have some nice food!!

The anonymous member of the group reveal some secrets :

My favorite part was having the ability to meet some new girls and spend a night with them is very tempting and I always love to use this opportunity.

All in all the atmosphere is very fun and you can expect a great show from all our bands.

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